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Best Solar Lighting Systems in 2020

Like for electric cars, manufacturers have invested a lot in solar energy because it is clean, effective and efficient. But one of the biggest reason people buy it is the cost-saving properties, not just the price of the product but the lower bills you get with them. Lights are only one of the examples of how we can use this type of energy.

Yet, it doesn’t always mean that the product will be great and used properly if someone says it is high-quality. You should be able to recognize the best commercial solar light systems and how to place them properly so you can get the most out of it. It can be used for interior decoration and also for your backyard or company purposes. There is a specific setup for each type and it’s always better to let a professional handle it.

How to Recognize a Good Product?

There are a few aspects you need to look at in order to choose what you need and the first thing is quality and function. Some of them will have multiple settings that can be great if you have a tight budget or space. You might use options like dimmer light or adjusting the brightness which can be beautiful for a garden as well as saving energy. When it comes to quality, LED is still the best option, perfect for security purposes.

Companies are starting to implement them on streets and parking lots because they have become reliable when it comes to driving. There is a specific type for each use so if you want to highlight a sculpture or flagpoles, use a softer or colorful kind. Another important feature is the motion sensor for security, street or parking lot lights.

Even if they emphasize that they are great for the planet, the real crucial reason is the lower electricity bill. Depending on your project, you might want to bring a professional that can install it and recommend a brand. You can tell them what your budget is and they can check out the space they are working with. Don’t rush with buying because it’s always better to purchase from the same brand. Get more information here: https://solarmagazine.com/solar-lights/

Choose a Brand

It’s hard to make a decision on which one is the best when the market is growing on a daily basis so you should focus more on the individual quality of a product and if the manufacturer focuses on the kind you need. Some of them will sell items for your garden but mainly focus on parking lots which usually mean they are giving less attention to these cheaper items. So, check if the manufacturer is advertising more about the products you need.

You will need to identify the location where you will place it even if you know the area because there is a difference from mounting it or placing it in the ground. An important aspect of landscaping is the placement so try to focus on a few elements you want to draw attention to. This will make it easier to plan it out and make a purchasing decision.

One of the ways you can find a good brand is looking up online reviews but some of them can be promotional meaning that they will give a better review for not so good products. So, find a reputable website that rates them and try to focus on those who have 4 or more stars with hundreds of ratings. If a lot of people are satisfied, the better chances you will be too.

A good tip is to buy security lights for higher locations like trees, roofs and sides of buildings so they won’t blind you when you are walking around. Many customers will only focus on the direction of the beam without realizing that the solar panel can take a lot of space depending on the energy it needs. Always take into consideration the size of the panel.

Focus on Specifications

You might hear about popular brands like Tenkoo, GBGS, Bestqool, LowVoltz, Naiyo but it won’t matter if they don’t have the specifications you need. Some of the features you would want to include flexibility and adjustability, great usability span, weatherproof, easy to install, durability and ground or wall installation. Most of them won’t have all the features mentioned but you won’t need it unless you want to reorganize them.

Something that isn’t so easy to find in a local store is decorative solar lighting. They come in a wide variety of designs which you usually find online. Always check on large retail websites if they have the design you want because some websites can have low-quality products. If you live in an area with all 4 seasons, get weatherproof items to avoid any damages. If you don’t have any ideas for the design, there are plenty on social media pages that focus on this niche and you can click here to read more.